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Sushi Hachi

Sushi Hachi - Location

Sushi Hachi is located within Pacific Plaza near the intersection of Cambie Rd. and Odlin Crescent. The exact location is about a 10 minute walk from Aberdeen Skytrain station should you choose to take public transit.

I have been living in Richmond for years. Close to where I live, there is a small sushi restaurant called Sushi Hachi. I made several attempts to dine here, but I failed. It is because the restaurant opens four days a week for dinner time only, and it is very popular. It is mandatory to make a reservation ahead of time. Most walk-ins will be turned away. The restaurant is currently open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm. For the first attempt, I tried to make a reservation on the day of, and they were fully booked. For the second attempt, I realized they did not open for lunchtime. For the third attempt, I thought the place was open for Sunday, but it was not. For the fourth attempt, I gave up on dining in and placed a take-out order of 3 “Chef’s Choice Sushi” sets. I was sitting in the waiting area for 10 minutes, and my sister and I witnessed 3-4 walk-in parties being turned away since all tables were full. The Japanese couple runs this restaurant: the husband as the sushi chef and the wife as the server/ host.

Chef’s Choice Sushi” (11 Nigiri Sushi)

Sushi Hachi - Price

Price: $38.00 for Chef’s Choice Sushi (11 Nigiri Sushi, 2022)

Sushi Hachi - Review

I really enjoy eating nigiri sushi with the good ratio between fish and rice. Some places have a big portion of rice and a small piece of fish to save cost. This kind of nigiri sushi may be helpful to make a diner feel full quickly. However, if I were to eat something outside of my diet routine, I want to have a dish that is focused on taste rather than quantity. For delicious and good sushi, I seek a delicate balance between fish (neta) and rice (shari). I found this balance in Sushi Hachi’s sushi. When making a reservation for a formal omakase experience in Vancouver, it is sometimes necessary to wait for a month or more to eat. If someone is unable to wait for the next omakase sushi, but in need of good sushi desperately, then I recommend having Sushi Hachi’s special sushi combo as a take-out to avoid the hassle of making a reservation. I would rate the quality of their nigiri sushi higher than most casual sushi restaurants in Metro Vancouver. From my experience, only a few high-end sushi bars could exceed their quality, but those places come with higher price tags. Having said that, I can confidently say Sushi Hachi offers the best quality sushi with the great affordability.

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